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Anal COVID-19 swabs — why is China doing them? 05.03.2021


Conflict and poverty have been among the main drivers of migration to Germany and Europe as well as other countries around the world. As a result, politicians have debated both how to manage migration and how to help the people in need of protection. This is an automatic collection of DW's content on migration.

US-Mexico presidents talk immigration, COVID in call 01.03.2021


Immigration, baggage, customs, rectal probe — according to reports from diplomats and foreigners visiting China, this is the uncomfortable sequence of events that has greeted some of them upon arrival. But what is the logic behind using anal swabs as a COVID-19 diagnostic tool? And do they have any advantages over the mouth and nose swabs we've all gotten used to?

US President Joe Biden reverses Trump green card ban 25.02.2021


Both US President Joe Biden and Mexican President Lopez Obrador have stressed the need to maintain good relations, but admitted the countries haven't always been "perfect neighbors."

Refugees and undocumented migrants must be vaccinated, NGOs warn 24.02.2021


President Biden has lifted ban that prevented many green card applicants from entering the country. Biden said that shutting the door on legal immigration did not help the US.

Sea-Eye 4: A German ship to save lives on the Mediterranean 23.02.2021


As EU member states roll out coronavirus vaccines, refugees and undocumented migrants will have to be inoculated if the spread of the virus is to be stopped. But not all nations plan to include them in their campaigns.